Brake Repair

brake repairThe brakes are the most essential safety feature on your vehicle, so it’s important to keep them in good working order. If you’re in need of brake service or repair in Tulare, CA, bring your car to Frank’s Automotive Repair. We can handle all your brake needs, from simple pad replacements to more complex repairs. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, it’s time to bring your car in for brake service:

  • Your brake pedal is feeling soft or spongy when you press down on it.
  • You hear grinding or squealing noises when you apply the brakes.
  • Your car is pulling to one side or the other when you brake.
  • Your brakes are experiencing vibration/pulsation.
  • Your brake pedal is sinking to the floor when you press on it.

We’ll take a look and let you know what needs to be done to get your brakes back in. Our team of experts will make sure your brakes are functioning properly and keeping you safe on the road.

Brake Service Tulare CA

Brake service involves inspecting, cleaning, and (if necessary) adjusting or replacing brake components. This is important for safety reasons: if brake components are not in good condition, it could result in reduced braking power or even brake failure. Depending on your car’s make and model, you might need brake service every 12,000 miles. However, if you notice that your brakes are excessively worn down or if you use your vehicle for towing trailers often, then it is best to get a check-up sooner. Come into Frank’s Automotive Repair, where our certified technician team can help resolve any of your brake concerns!

Brake Repair Tulare CA

Your brakes are an essential part of your car, and you should take any brake repair in Tulare, CA, as seriously as possible. Small brake repairs may only require replacing the pads, while bigger problems could involve replacing the entire system. If you notice any squealing when braking or if your car veers to one side, it is time for a repair. Neglecting brake issues will make them worse and put yourself and others in danger, so be sure to act fast when addressing repairs.

Brake Repair Near Me

Bring your car into Frank’s Automotive Repair in Tulare, CA, if you think it needs brake service or repair. Our team is knowledgeable and will ensure that your brakes are working correctly before sending you back out on the road. Make an appointment today or come by our shop!

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